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ARC Ethos

The Broom Gibb River May - June 2010

The sustainability lifestyle touches so many different areas, from people planting their own veggie patches, local farmers’ markets, building your sustainable dream, ultimate organic production facilities and much more. It’s the sustainable values and common philosophies that we believe are important. 2

ARC is a local organisation embracing the sustainable evolution. From a grassroots level to the latest in international trends. ARC likes to work with real people who are making real differences, connecting people at all levels.

Some of chose to live in “Mc Mansions” often disconnected with our communities, with little understanding of food production, what is put on our food or how our food is produced, were are waste goes, cultivate a European garden . Many of us seem to be working longer hours just trying to keep to keep the dream afloat. The Western World consumes far more than needed. With the cost of power and utilities going though the roof, people are starting to realise there is a better way.

We must evolve to leave a viable legacy for future generations.

It is ARC’s vision to create a platform that allows people to communicate and connect with each other. ARC is where you can share your stories and experiences.

Please enjoy your visit on ARC .