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Mia2 - Updates

Mia2 - June 2012

Another month, another milestone. Concrete slab has been laid. We have chosen to use a very dark oxide tint to colour the slab as this will have a positive benefit in the winter months with the floor acting as a heat sink.

Windows have been selected and after much research we have decided to go for eglass or often known as smart glass. Given the orientation of the house on the block, the overall passive solar design principles inclusive of a solar pagola to the north and on advice received it was felt that double glazing in Perth's Mediterranean climate was unnecessary.

Next month we will talk about our sustainable building bin system by Earthcare, insulation made out of recycled water bottles and our wall construction methods.

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Mia2 - May 2012

Time to celebrate. ARCshelter is go, building license has issued and construction has started. Anthony and his team from Swell Homes are onsite busily preparing the land in anticipation of foundations and concrete slab being poured early June.

All the hard work and painstaking design evolution has paid dividends - big dividends and we are very excited to announce that the house has received a 9 Star energy rating. In fact the assessor said this is the highest house energy rating that he had ever done.

We could have pushed it further but the brief of affordability and a point of diminishing returns required us to make tough decisions as to final materials and finishes.

We are currently updating our full ARCACTIVE certification and will release a comprehensive report on the property and sustainably design features next month.

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